Lunar Lake on Intel 20A shown on the stage

Lunar Lake on Intel 20A shown on the stage

Powered on and runs AI stable diffusion

Lunar Lake Intel 20A consumer processor, expected to launch next year, made a surprise appearance as a part of Pat Gelsinger´s keynote. The demo showed silicon in good shape running the Windows operating system and the AI application.

Pat Gelsinger called Intel Core Ultra, a processor we all knew as a Meteor Lake, the heart of an AI PC. The surprising part is that not only can Meteor Lake run LMM and Stable diffusion, but the Lunar Lake was also able to finish up the AI workload in a short time, rendering a giraffe with a hat.

One can imagine that the launch timeframe for Intel 20A-based Lunar Lake is late 2024, and things are looking quite good, considering that the platform was stable enough to run the demo in a live keynote.

The one after Lunar Lake launching in 2025 on Intel 18A is the Panther Lake, but no further details have been discussed. Intel intentionally doesn’t want to talk about what is coming after 18A. The company is focused on executing Intel 3, 20A, and 18A in the next two years before it reveals what is coming next. That, and parts of what will be exciting about Panther Lake, will come in the future, but it is certain that Intel will stick with the tile-based approach for both Lunar, Phanter, and desktop-focused Arrow Lake.

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